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Allotment Site
Amenity Grassland
Community Garden
Flood Plain
Flowers for Pollinators
Grazed Grassland
Individual Trees
Mixed Woodland
Nature Reserve
Open-access Food Growing
Plantation Woodland
Wildflower Meadow
Basketball Court
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Wheelchair Accessible

Severus Hill

Flowers for Pollinators, Mixed Woodland,

Severus Hill in Holgate is a place of environmental, natural and historical significance. A mile outside of the city walls it stands 35 metres above…

Derwenthorpe Meadow

Flowers for Pollinators, Wildflower Meadow, Scything, Volunteering,

A flower-rich meadow which forms part of the Derwenthorpe housing development. The meadow is managed by the Derwenthorpe Nature Group who also work to make…

Churchfield Open Space Wigginton

Dog Friendly, Playground, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible,

Churchfield is a public open space of approx. 3.5 acres with an enclosed dog walk area, children’s play area, an enclosed younger children’s playground and…

Wigginton Duck Pond

Individual Trees, Pond, Seating, Volunteering,

Wigginton Duck Pond is a favourite of all ages and well used and visited all year round. In 2016 it was voted one of the…

York College Forest School

Flowers for Pollinators, Mixed Woodland, Nature Reserve, Pond, Wildflower Meadow, Walking, Wheelchair Accessible,

As part of the planning permission for the construction of York College the creation of a new wildlife site was required. This former potato field…

Wyre Pond, Haxby

Pond, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible,

This well-loved duck pond has seating and in the summer, some welcome shade under a weeping willow tree. During the hot summer of 2022 local…

Osbaldwick Fen

Bog, Flowers for Pollinators, Wetland, Walking, Wheelchair Accessible,

Resembling a shallow canal this linear fen is actually a great place for wetland plants. Plants to be found in the fen include a wide…

Dunnington Recreation Ground Play Area

Picnic benches, Playground, Seating, Wheelchair Accessible,

A well-equipped play area adjacent to sports fields. Lots of opportunities for children to climb. The play area has picnic benches and seating. Cared for…

Dunnington Millennium Garden

Flowers for Pollinators, Wildflower Meadow, Seating, Volunteering, Wheelchair Accessible,

A nice place to sit and relax, Dunnington Millennium Green is being managed by the local parish council and a keen group of volunteers who…

Scoreby Wood

Flowers for Pollinators, Mixed Woodland, Walking,

Well off the beaten track Scoreby Wood is a mixed woodland with a good variety of woodland flowers. Ferns are particularly noticeable along the bridleway…