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The River Foss


Bog, Flowers for Pollinators, Grazed Grassland, Mixed Woodland, Riverbank, Wildflower Meadow


Dog Friendly, Volunteering, Walking

The River Foss supports a wide variety of wildlife as it winds from its rural source to its urban confluence with the Ouse in York. The 28 miles of river are home to a good range of waterbirds including kingfisher, little egret, heron, mandarin duck, little grebe and mute swan. Mammals found along the river include otters, mink and water voles. A good range of aquatic plants can be seen including yellow flag, arrowhead, water plantain and yellow water lily.

There is a footpath along most of it’s length from central York out into the countryside.

Cared for by:
The River Foss Society

Things to help out with here:
Riverside management, litter picking etc.

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