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Rawcliffe Meadows


Bog, Mixed Woodland, Riverbank, Wildflower Meadow


Cycling, Dog Friendly, Walking, Wheelchair Accessible

Rawcliffe Meadows are situated along the York-Beningbrough cycle track (NCN route 65) and cover 25 acres of the Clifton area floodplain. The site is home to the nationally rare and very beautiful tansy beetle which can be found on the site between May and July and again in September every year on its favoured plant, tansy. The site includes many habitats ranging from grassland with its meadowsweet and great burnet to wetlands with a surprising range of plants including fleabane, devil’s bit scabious and strawberry clover.

Cared for by:
The Environment Agency
The site was formerly managed by Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows. At the present time the group has disbanded due to concerns about flood defence work being undertaken by the Environment Agency.