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Wildflower Meadow, Diamond Jubilee Wood and Play Area


Amenity Grassland, Mixed Woodland, Riverbank, Wildflower Meadow


Playground, Walking

This is a small site that used to be an awkward (triangular shaped) rough football field behind a fenced off children’s play area. It got extremely boggy and unusable after heavy rains. The wildflower meadow and Wood were planted in 2012 to improve the site and to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The Woodland Trust provided some of the tree saplings including an oak from the royal parks. This oak is in the centre of a diamond delineated by a network of rides. Trees were added such as alder buckthorn and guelder rose that do well in heavy wet soils. The wildflowers are mainly those of wet meadows, e.g. purple loosestrife and meadowsweet and the drainage has much improved over the last 10 years.

The wood is separated from the wildflower meadow by an unmown wild area as well as by the original mowed football pitch alongside some adult gym equipment.  There is a play area with playground equipment including many climbing features.

Cared for by:
Heworth Without Parish Council