Brunswick Organic Nursery

Brunswick Organic Nursery is a registered charity based in Bishopthorpe, York, which provides a safe and stimulating environment for people with learning difficulty to work in. We are a plant nursery, growing a range of plants for sale, as well as growing seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. We provide a contract gardening service for the local community and also produce a range of attractive gift cards, gift wrap, woven goods, bird boxes and other woodworked items, all to a high quality. We sell our plants, produce and craft items through our shop and also supply food products to wholesale customers.

You can learn more about all of these activities on our website.

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Brunswick Organic Nursery

Things to help with here
Our volunteers support the groups we have on site. These include but are not limited to: plant production, land, garden services, shop, crafts, community and events, cooking and woodwork.